What we Do


We integrate the concept of Industry 4.0 for machines and production plants


Planning of preventive maintenance with the support of the customer care department


We offer service of training and of planned continuous maintenance related to any type of technology


We offer consultancy services including: check-up of the plant, technological research on the ceramic bodies, design and technological research on the finished product


AST4 has developed the innovative software platform PLUS  that integrates the concept of Industry 4.0 for technological systems. The software PLUS collects, analyses and processes sensitive machine and system data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which makes it possible to previously report shutdowns or significant reductions in productivity and provide direct access to qualified AST4 personnel for consultancy, checks, support and maintenance in agreement with the customer care office.


Service Pack! The combination of services : maintenance, training and spare parts

Also the preventive and scheduled maintenance operations are defined for the different technologies and devices in the production sites of the industrial sector.

AST4, together with LB, also offers customers a new preventive support service to the full advantage of company productivity, factory efficiency and management control: the Service pack. This preventive support service is based on three actions that make it possible to manage LB technology systems with more autonomy and with a greater degree of efficiency:

 training for customer technicians

 preventive maintenance schedule

service of recommended spare parts to be kept in stock in the warehouse

The services are personalised based on the customer’s actual requirements and include multiple levels. AST4 also offers consultancy packages that cover the entire ceramic and industrial process, from the storage of the raw materials to the storage of the finished product.


The consultancy services include:

check-up of the systems and tune ups with regard to their consumption and productivity

technological review of the mixtures to improve the technical characteristics of the finished product, the profitability and remuneration of the system itself

technical design review of the aesthetic effects of the finished product to study innovative and cutting-edge aesthetic solutions.


The courses will be held by highly qualified and selected personnel, accredited on the main industrial technologies. Participants will be given a participation certificate that certifies and guarantees their ability to perform work on technically advanced machines and systems.

AST4 offers scheduled and continuous training and maintenance services relative to every technology. Highly specialising training courses are offered based on the role and level of preparation of the participants. The various courses include the levels for:




The certification obtained with these training courses, which are organised both for customers as well as for suppliers, represents an accreditation and a marketable added value.

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