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AST4 is an innovative software platform that integrates the concept of Industry 4.0 for machines and production plants

PLUS  by AST4 is an innovative software platform that integrates the concept of Industry 4.0 for machines and production plants. The software PLUS collects, analyses and processes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, sensitive machine and system data, which makes it possible to previously report shutdowns or significant reductions in productivity, and furthermore, to guarantee thanks to direct access to qualified AST4 personnel for consultancy, checks, support and maintenance in agreement with the customer care office.

This new software platform, for which Tecnargilla 2016 was the world premiere, consists of a control cockpit that collects and optimizes sensitive information from all “satellite” software installed in machines and plants, which report them in real time to the user.

This architecture allows the clients to control and to keep the plants fully efficient, thus avoiding any intervention by the client and giving immediate remote support.

The management of the maintenance activities by LB is now performed thanks to a new tool, the “service packs”; these are complete intervention packs with scheduled activities to keep machines and plants in full efficiency, granting availability of spare parts in stock and restoration of machines and plants as new.

Industry 4.0

Innovative software platform integrating the concept of Industry 4.0 for production plants

Data analysis

Collection, analysis and continous elaboration of sensitive data of machines and plants

Customer Care

We offer qualified personnel, consultancy, verifications, assistance and planning of preventive maintenance

Collection of information

Collection and optimization of sensitive information from all the “satellite” softwares installed in machines and plants

Control of activities

Control and planning of the activities of maintenance and plants’ efficiency keeping

Service Pack

Complete packages of planned interventions to keep machines and plants fully efficient and recovery of activities of used machines and plants

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